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Saturday, November 18, 2006

NYA Update

The 2006 National Youth Action tournament in Atlanta is underway, with nine rounds of game/30 play going in four different sections.

In the K-12 High School Championship, there are 69 players. After the first day of this two-day event, there is a three-way tie for first among Christopher Williams, Gregory Kimmel and Chima Umeakunne, all with 4.5 points after five rounds.

The K-9 Junior High Championship has 99 competitors, with Hartley Chiang and Michael Easterwood leading the way. Both have perfect 5-0 records thus far.

The K-6 Elementary section is the largest of all, with 154 eager players. Ryan Moon and Kevin Wang hold the top spots, both with 5-0 records. However, they play each other in round 6 Sunday morning. Adam Miller is currently in the number three spot, although he also sports an identical 5-0 record.

In the K-3 Primary Championship, 83 players are vying for the top spot. The two leading players after the first day are Timothy Hoang and Stevan Kriss, both with unblemished 5-0 marks. They begin tomorrow's action against each other.

This annual event concludes tomorrow, after four additional rounds of play. Check back and we'll have the final results as they are available. The official USCF website for this tournament can be found here.



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