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Monday, December 25, 2006

Negi-Lahno Final Results

The one-day blitz series of six games have been completed, with a few blunders (as to be expected) and pieces usually flying all over the board. Kateryna Lahno won this series with two wins, one loss and three draws. The games can be found here:
Result Summary:
  • Classical Series: Lahno 3.5, Negi 2.5
  • Rapid Series: Lahno 4.0, Negi 2.0
  • Blitz Series: Lahno 3.5, Negi 2.5
Final Total: Kateryna Lahno 11.0, Parimarjan Negi 7.0

You can find additional coverage of this match at Amity Chess Academy, ChessBase and Susan Polgar's blog.



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