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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tournament Information

For an easy search of chess tournaments throughout the U.S., check out the Online Tournament Announcements page of the USCF website.
Tournaments can be searched based on a variety of search criteria, including:

  • state
  • date (select by month)
  • proximity to selected zip code
  • age restrictions (i.e. youth section or senior section)
  • rating category (open, under 2000, under 1800, etc.)
  • rating type (regular, quick, not rated, etc.)
  • maximum specified entry fee
For an interesting article about what tournament registration and tiebreaks have to do with each other, click here.

Don't see a tournament in your area? How about holding one yourself?! The Washington High School Chess Association offers a helpful article describing elementary school tournaments in Washington State, but the information is useful for the neophyte tournament director anywhere.

In addition, the United States Chess Federation offers extensive information here, including an informative "Step by Step Brochure on Running Your First Tournament."

Getting ready to attend your first tournament? See National Master Dan Heisman's helpful article here.



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