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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

U.S. Chess School - A Great Resource

GM Gregory Kaidanov (L) and FM Daniel Rensch

The U.S. Chess School, brainchild of IM Greg Shahade, opened its doors to its first class of students in January 2006. You can read more about it in my "Inside the U.S. Chess School" report at ChessCafe. The second session of the school took place last April, and the most recent group got together in the Phoenix area from January 1-8, 2007.

Participants in this round included:

  • IM Josh Friedel (USCF 2535)
  • FM Danny Rensch (USCF 2429)
  • IM Robert Hungaski (USCF 2210)
  • Xiao Cheng (USCF 2317)
  • FM Ray Robson (USCF 2254)
  • Elliot Liu (USCF 2301)
Quite an impressive bunch! WFM Tatev Abrahamyan was scheduled to appear as well, but unfortunately could not do so due to the ultimately fatal stroke her father suffered recently.

Danny Rensch and his family opened their homes to the players and instruction took place at the American Chess Events site in Mesa, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. You can find a bit more information here.

We'll have more reports and more photos shortly!



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