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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Carpool Chess

There's a very cute essay written by Tracy Curtis in the Charlotte Observer. It's about a chess mom who doesn't know much about the game but observes the maneuvering, both on and off the board, between kids not far removed from diapers. Here's a brief snippet:

"We resume today's game when I pick up my 4-year-old, Colton, and his opponent from school. She has the advantage. She is smart, and she is 5, and she never lets Colton forget it. Colton jumps right in and moves a pawn forward with his announcement that at lunch he threw a grape in the air and caught it in his mouth.

"I'm telling your teacher on you," she says. "You told on me when I was fighting with my sister and now I'm telling your teacher on you." And with that, her queen takes his knight.

Mmmm -- that was fast. He's in for it today -- and he knows it. He opts for the simple solution -- sacrifice a bishop and apologize for getting her in trouble. Then get on with it."



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