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Monday, March 05, 2007

Chess Fest at UTD

David MacEnulty
Photo credit: Stephen A. Solomon,

David MacEnulty
Photo credit: Stephen A. Solomon,

GM Alejandro Ramirez Playing Blindfold Chess
Photo credit: Tom Koch, UTD Public Relations Coordinator

The University of Texas-Dallas (UTD) is well-known as one of the chess powerhouse schools and for good reason. Not only do they perenially place either first or second (along with the University of Maryland-Baltimore County) in major collegiate tournaments, they frequently host events that support the greater chess community.

On February 27, 2007, renowned coach David MacEnulty received the 2007 Chess Educator of the Year award at UTD's McDermott library. Some 80 people attended his lecture entitled "Chess: Helping the Whole Child."

The following day UTD held its Chess Fest VI, in which UTD's GM Alejandro Ramirez conducted five consecutive blindfold games, winning each of them. In addition, various UTD team members played in a simultaneous exhibition, also going undefeated.

More information should be available soon, both at Chess Life Online and in my upcoming Scholastic Chess column at ChessCafe.

Thanks go out to Dr. Alexey Root of UTD for contributing information and photos to this report.



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