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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Chess Tactics Server

While exploring around the great puzzle site, I came across a link to the Chess Tactics Server.

This is a free site in which you can either sign in as a guest or register. As stated at the website, "Currently 23,803 tactical chess problems with a degree of difficulty ranging from trivial to ambitious are provided to be solved against the clock."

Be prepared to think quickly! A position is shown, with either a white box or black box blinking. This indicates whose turn it is to move. After a few seconds, the computer makes a move, at which point you have to decide how to respond. Thus, when the position is initially shown, don't move yet - quickly scan the position, wait for the computer to move, then as quickly as possible come up with a correct move.

Your "rating" moves up or down (or unchanged) depending on whether you answered correctly or not, and how quickly.

In addition to an unknown number of guests who try the tactics puzzles, the site claims to have over 10,000 registered users, or "tacticians," of which 1850 are active. Take a few minutes to try it out!



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