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Monday, April 02, 2007

6-Way Tie at Nat'l Junior High Championship

Going into the seventh and final round of the 2007 National Junior High School Championship, Alec Getz had the only perfect score in the K-9 Championship section. He found himself paired with Christian Tanaka, who had only one loss in the tournament. In the end, Tanaka triumphed, resulting in a six-way (!) tie for first among Getz, Tanaka, Steven Breckenridge, Gregory Young, Michael Yee and Grant Ho.

Despite the final round loss, however, Alec won the title based on tiebreak points, just ahead of Breckenridge, whom Getz defeated in round 6.

As a consolation, Steven Breckenridge finished a full point ahead of his closest competitors in the blitz side event.

Congratulations to the more than 1000 players! Next up - the 2007 National High School Championship in Kansas City, April 13-15.



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