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Sunday, April 15, 2007

What a Tournament!

The 2007 National High School Championship has concluded with its share of excitement, tension and comedy.

In a nail-biting turn of events and mishaps, Catalina Foothills High School of Arizona and Edward R. Murrow High School from Brooklyn traded leads and ended in a tie (again!) for the national championship. As in 2005, Catalina Foothills was declared the winner on tiebreaks.

From my vantage point, the competitors played tough but fair and displayed the essence of courtesy and good sportsmanship when all was said and done.

After the awards ceremony concluded, Murrow coach Eliot Weiss was being interviewed in a quiet corner by a television reporter and declared, "We'll be here at the end again next year, and so will the Arizona team." Despite both teams losing major players next year to graduation, I wouldn't be surprised if Weiss' words come true.

Stay tuned for more details shortly.



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