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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

U.S. Chess School Update

IM Greg Shahade's U.S. Chess School has already conducted three successful sessions, with GM Gregory Kaidanov as the primary instructor. I was glad to read the following press release:

"Jim Roberts in conjunction with the AF4C have made a generous donation to the US Chess School, which will allow the school to plan for at least three training sessions per year. With this sponsorship we are planning the following things:

1. Holding 3 sessions per calender year. The next 3 sessions are expected to be July 07, Jan 08 and April 08.
2. We plan to have a 2nd World Class trainer for future sessions, to give the students exposure to different training methods and ideas.

Thanks once again to Jim Roberts and the AF4C, as the USCS is extremely grateful for such generous contributions to American chess."

Click here to access a wealth of material related to the U.S. Chess School.



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