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Monday, July 02, 2007

2007 World Open

I saw that 2006 U.S. Cadet (Under 16) champion and 2007 U.S. Junior Champion Marc Tyler Arnold (2335) stands in 48th place, out of 73 players after four rounds of the 2007 World Open, Open section.

Looks like he's having a so-so tournament? Not exactly.

Round 1: He faced GM Eugene Perelshteyn (2611) and drew.

Round 2: He faced U.S. Champion GM Alexander Shabalov (2671) and drew.

Round 3: He faced GM John P Fedorowicz (2526) and drew.

Round 4: He faced GM Bosko Abramovic (2609) and lost.

We should all do so poorly.



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