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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Beware of !

This is off-topic, but ...

A year ago I signed up to have host a website for me, which I never actually used. My fault.

But then they called two weeks ago to ask if I wanted to renew another years' worth of website hosting for the site. I told them I never used it and was NOT interested in continuing the site.

So what happens? They charge my account anyway. I just can't believe this behavior. Not only am I out the $43.02 they charged me, I'm out an additional $35 overdraft fee my stupid bank charged because I didn't have the funds in that account for this fee which I was not expecting.

I called at (480) 505-8855 to complain. I was told there would be an approximate two minute wait. After 11 minutes, someone came on and said everything would be taken care of. When I asked to verify that both the $43.02 unwarranted fee and the $35 overdraft fee would be refunded, I was told that only the $43.02 would be taken care of. I asked who I can speak to in order to resolve this issue and was told "I wouldn't know. This is all I can do."

Great customer service.

I'll call my bank and complain, and anyone else I can complain to as well. In the meantime, if any of you are using GoDaddy to host a website, beware of these practices, and if you're considering which service to use, you may want to take my experience into account.

Is my bad experience with them typical of how they conduct business? I don't know, but I'll never use them again.


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