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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mark Dvoretsky Annotation

World-class trainer Mark Dvoretsky is best known for his endgame work, but this month at ChessCafe he annotates a 1908 Tarrasch-Lasker game, including comments from Victor Kortchnoi and Richard Reti.

Here's just a brief excerpt:

"Any other player would probably have lost this game. But Lasker, correctly assessing the position, once again followed his beloved psychological path. His next move looks like an oversight; but in fact, it’s a deliberate pawn sacrifice, with the aim of isolating the e4-pawn… The chief benefit that comes from saddling the opponent with an isolated pawn is not the chance to attack it, but control of the strong square that lies in front of it (here, e5), which may be occupied with pieces."



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