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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Review: The Art of Attacking Chess

Gambit Publications has produced a number of annotated game collections, along a variety of themes. A few come quickly to mind: 50 Essential Chess Lessons, 50 Ways to Win at Chess, Grandmaster Chess Move by Move, Grandmaster Secrets: Winning Quickly at Chess, How to Crush Your Chess Opponents. What these all have in common, besides inviting covers and excellent production, are highly instructive annotations. Game notes are heavily weighted toward explanations and tactical and strategic concerns, as opposed to just dense variations.

The Art of Attacking Chess is another Gambit book along this same model. The author is Zenon Franco, a grandmaster and chess trainer from Paraguay. Thirty-three complete games are carefully analyzed, in addition to a number of “supplemental” games or game segments.

Read more of the review here, or you can view the permanently archived review here.



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