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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Check Out This Game in The Kenilworthian!

Michael Goeller of The Kenilworthian frequently presents and annotates games featuring a variety of openings - this blog is a wonderful site to visit regularly, particularly if you can take the time to review his annotations.

Michael touched a soft spot in his recent annotation titled "An Old Giuoco Worth Repeating," featuring the game Short-Kasimdzanov, Corus B 2009. The Giuoco was a favorite of mine when I was first learning the game.

While I'm not as big a fan of Nigel Short as Michael is, the game he presents really is a beauty. Seeing the old Giuoco hitting the big time again is enjoyable, but I was really impressed with the manner in which Short converted his positional advantage to the full point. It's a beautiful illustration of a good knight vs. semi-bad bishop ending. The Java game presentation, by the way, is very user-friendly. It allows the viewer to easily see the current position while reviewing Michael's annotations. In addition, a la ChessBase, one can also easily view (on the game board) side variations from the annotation notes.



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