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Sunday, November 19, 2006

A lot of action at the National Youth Action Championship

Well, the results are in!

The 2006 National Youth Action Championship in Atlanta has drawn (so to speak) to a close. Top finishers include:

  • K-12 section
    Christopher Williams (8.5/9)
    Gregory Kimmel (7.5)
    Benjamin Francis (7.5)
  • K-9 section
    Hartley Chiang (8.5/9)
    Praveen Sanjay (7.5)
  • K-6 section
    Kevin Wang (8.5/9)
    Jarod Pamatmat (7.5)
    David Bernat (7.5)
  • K-3 section
    Venkat Tummala (7.5/9)
    six others tied with 7 points

10th grader Nikolas Theiss entered the K-12 Blitz side event with only the tenth-highest rating in the 41-player field, over 600 points below the top-rated players! Yet he swept the field with a 12-0 blitz to finish 2.5 points ahead of his nearest competition.

On the other hand, the top seed in the K-6 Blitz tournament was Ryan Moon and he was true to form in winning his section with a 10/12 score.

The top teams were as follows:
  • K-12: Searcy High School (Searcy, AR)
  • K-9: Atlanta Chess Center (Atlanta, GA)
  • K-6: Atlanta Chess Center (Atlanta, GA)
  • K-3: I.Q. Zone Chess Club (Miami, FL)

Congratulations to each and every competitor in this event!

You can find complete results at the official website here.



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