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Saturday, December 09, 2006

National K-12 After Five Rounds

Photo credit: MonRoi

1545 competitors, from Kindergarten through College, are in Florida for the annual "All Grades" championship. After the first five rounds, there are 29 players with perfect 5-0 scores, at least one player in each section with the sole exception of the Collegiate division. Among the "perfect" players is Tommy Polgar-Shutzman in the 2nd Grade section. If his name looks a bit familiar, that's because he's GM Susan Polgar's son!

Here is the breakdown of the number of participants in each section:

  • Kindergarten: 31
  • 1st Grade: 88
  • 2nd Grade: 133
  • 3rd Grade: 187
  • 4th Grade: 201
  • 5th Grade: 186
  • 6th Grade: 156
  • 7th Grade: 136
  • 8th Grade: 140
  • 9th Grade: 74
  • 10th Grade: 58
  • 11th Grade: 66
  • 12th Grade: 67
  • Collegiate: 22

In the team standings thus far, perennial powerhouse Catalina Foothills High School of Tucson, Arizona leads in the 12th and 11th Grade sections, while the stong Evanston Township High School from the Chicago area heads up the 10th Grade division. Always-strong Hunter College Campus School in New York is currently leading the Kindergarten, 2nd Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade sections and is near the top in the 3rd Grade, 4th Grade and 5th Grade divisions.

For tournament results, see this USCF page.

There is also a nice report by Elizabeth Vicary at Chess Life Online here.



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