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Friday, December 08, 2006

National K-12 / Collegiate Starts Today!

It's always one of the largest chess tournaments of the year and it begins today. Watch for updates as we bring you the results of the 2006 National K-12/Collegiate championship!

To read my report from last year's National K-12, click here.



  • Greetings from the USCF K-12/Collegiate National Championships.
    Last night K-6 and K-12 Blitz side-event was held.

    The Chief Tournament Director announced before the beginning of round 1 that Touch Move would be used for Blitz instead of the classical Clock Move. I assume he gathers this priviledge from the newly adopted rule change option of USCF Official Version of the USCF National Scholastic Chess Tournament Regulations.

    APPENDIX A or the National Scholastic Blitz Championship Regulations under A2.3 clearly give the Chief TD this option.

    There is a responsibility that goes with this option. A2.3 clearly states that "...whichever is used it must be listed on the USCF website in an appropriate easy-to-find location. Clock Move is recommended."

    Here is the problem:
    The USCF website has a radio button on the left margin of the 2006 National K-12/Collegiate Championship website ( marked "rules."

    Clicking that button reveals the Rules and Regulations. Under that title is the link to Blitz Rules.

    Clicking on Blitz Rules is a page titles 2006 Blitz Rules.
    Section 15 Clearly states that "A legal move is completed when a player starts his opponent's clock. Touch move rules will not apply."

    As can be expected, chaos ensued. Many players were confused at this side-event tournament because of the Tournament Directors not following the publised, linked and referenced USCF rules.

    My question to those who would be "in the know" is, is this a lack of communication between the chief TD and the website personnel? Or is this a decision by the Chief TD to expedite the tournament as rounds will surely be over sooner with touch move being called?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:19 AM  

  • Any other comments, anyone?

    By Blogger Steve Goldberg, at 10:26 AM  

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