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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Keene on Chess: Viktor Korchnoi

In his latest article at Chessville, GM Raymond Keene writes about GM Viktor Korchnoi's exploits in various world championship cycles against the likes of Fischer, Karpov and Kasparov, among others, and includes an annotated game against Fischer from the 1962 Curacao Candidates Tournament. Keene writes:

"Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi is one of the giants of 20th and 21st century chess, contesting three matches that determined the destination of the world championship and winning games against no fewer than eight world champions: Botvinnik, Tal, Smyslov, Petrosian, Spassky, Fischer, Karpov and Kasparov. (His lifetime score against Tal, for example, was an overwhelming 13 wins with 6 losses and 29 draws.) He additionally registered plus scores against Petrosian and Spassky and was level with Botvinik and Fischer...He remains the world’s oldest active Grandmaster in 2006, still with a super-GM rating of 2610."



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