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Thursday, January 18, 2007

David MacEnulty Honored as 2007 Chess Educator of the Year

The January 2007 Chess Life magazine features an article highlighting the Volunteer of the Month (Harold Stenzel) and the 2007 Chess Educator of the Year (David MacEnulty).

MacEnulty, longtime chess teacher in New York City and the inspiration for the 2005 A&E movie Knights of the South Bronx, was selected by the University of Texas-Dallas (UTD) for the award. He will be presented the award in a ceremony open to the public on Feb. 27, 2007 on the UTD Campus.

Those of you who have seen Knights of the South Bronx know that it was very well done. I have pleaded with A&E to bring the movie out on DVD or to play it again, but so far, to no avail. Nevertheless, you can see a great TV interview of both Ted Danson (who played MacEnulty in the film) and MacEnulty himself here.



  • My name is Ella Baron. I used to work with David MacEnulty before at Chess-in-the-Schools. After he started working at Dalton and I moved to Belize, Central America, we still staying in touch. I came to Belize to start a national chess program here. Since it was a new initiative and i had to start literally from scratch, I needed all emotional and practical support. So, David helped me alot, either through the encouraging words via e-mail, or givign his advice during my short trips back to NY. I am really glad to see that he was nominated as the Chess Educator of tje Year. From seeing David teaching in the classroom, as well as using his books for my own chess club, I do consider him one of the best chess teachers. He is actually more than that- he is a chess Educator.

    By Blogger B.Ad.C.A.Ts, at 5:52 PM  

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