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Friday, January 12, 2007

U.S. Chess School Coverage at Chess Life Online

FM Danny Rensch, who has helped provide information for this blog, has written an informative article about the recent U.S. Chess School session, which he and his family hosted in the Phoenix area.

In the article, Danny explains what IM Greg Shahade and GM Gregory Kaidanov hope to accomplish with the U.S. Chess School and he describes the intense analysis that went on. The primary focus was on identifying and learning from the mistakes in each player's games. "You could definitely say that we were all critical of each other’s weaknesses," Danny states, "but we also provided support when we recognized each player’s individual strengths." He adds that he could "almost feel everyone in the room improving by the hour."

The entertaining piece ends with photographs of the participants and even a few caricatures by budding artist IM Robert Hungaski. You can find additional information at the U.S. Chess School site, although as of this writing it has not been updated yet.



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