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Friday, January 12, 2007

Will There Be a 2007 U.S. Chess Championship?

Without providing any specific details, the USCF has posted an announcement that states:

"By mutual decision of USCF and the American Foundation for Chess (AF4c), the 2007 US Championship will not be sponsored by AF4C."

The post also notes that "The 2007 US Championship is now open for bidding. Further details will be posted as soon as possible. We know the chess public is anxious to know more."

A subsequent post requests bids for sponsorship of the championship. To date, I have not seen any official statements either from the USCF or from the AF4C office which identify the specific reason(s) for this decision.

However, there is no shortage of opinions on the subject. GM Susan Polgar has multiple relevant posts at her primary blog and also at her new U.S. Chess Discussion blog. In addition, Mig Greengard has an extensive post at his Daily Dirt Chess Blog.

More information will be presented as it becomes available.

This is not a political blog, but I'll leave you with this - there will be an important election in June for four seats on the USCF Executive Board. Voting is open to all USCF members. Use your vote wisely.



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