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Friday, January 05, 2007

Tatev Abrahamyan Loses Her Father

GM Susan Polgar posted the following sad note at her blog and I'm duplicating it here, in the hope that any readers may be able to assist in any manner. If you wish to send a condolence e-mail to Tatev, you can send it to me at and I'll forward it to her.

Dear chess fans:

With great sadness, we were informed of the unexpected passing away of Razmik Abrahamyan, 52-year-old father of our local chess prodigy, Tatev Abrahamyan. He encountered a severe stroke in Las Vegas last week, while accompaning her daughter at the North American Open Tournament. His unexpected departure was a major shock to the family members as well as the chess community.

I first met Razmik as he brought Tatev to the LA Masters for the first time over a year ago. A very pleasant man, whose love for Tatev, and great dedication to the game of chess, was clearly evident as he would wait for hours for her to finish each tournament. A task he took upon himself in every tournament of hers; health permitting.

As you are aware, Tatev, 18, is on one of the most talented students of a great coach (IM Armen Ambartsoumian, AAA Club) and the youngest top rated US woman's chess player. Among her many accomlishments are:

Strongest California female chess player
Tied for the 2005 U.S. Women's Chess Championship - came in 2nd in the nation in playoffs
Won the 2006 Pan American Championship
Holds the Woman International Master (WIM) title and is rated 2220 by FIDE
Represented the US in the 2006 World Junior Championship - while making her first WGM norm

For a sample of Tatev's chess strength, you might want to go over this game (link below) as she beat GM Shabalov - in the 2006 World Open - with Black pieces under 40 moves; winning a Pawn, then a piece, then masterly converting her material plus to a well-deserving victory!

Unfortunately, Razmik's untimely passing away has left the family in dire financial situation; to the extent that they are even struggling with the financial burden of funeral services preparation - tentatively, to be held this Friday (1/5) - We will inform you of the exact time and place of funeral services.

As such, LA Chess Club is hereby begging you, our selfless players, parents and coaches, to come forward and share a small token of your treasure with this family.

May you and your family be blessed this and every year for your generous contribution.

And what better way to start the New Year by lessening the tremendous grief of a truly good family.

You may send your contributions directly to:
The Abrahamyan Family
123 W. Chevy Chase Drive, #4
Glandale, CA 91204

Or contact
Armen Ambartsoumian @ (818) 640-5974 or
Nshan Keshishian @ (323) 578-8424

LA Chess Club, for its part, will contribute an as-yet-unspecified cash amount as well as honoring your cash contribution of any amount towards LACC membership $ for $; In other words,

If you contribute $500, you will receive an LACC Life membership (worth $500)*
If you contribute $120, you will receive a 1-year LACC membership ($120)*
If you contribute $70, you will receive a 6-month LACC membership ($70)*
If you prefer to contribute with your extra chess sets, books, etc. instead, we will sell them and pass the proceeds to the family.*

* (Please contact Mick @ 310/795-5710 for arrangement).

Thank you!



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