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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Words from the World Series MVP

Listening this evening to KTRS Radio here in St. Louis, I heard an interview with 2006 World Series Most Valuable Player David Eckstein, of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals.

Eckstein is not the most physically imposing athlete you'll come across. He stands 5'6" and weighs 170 pounds (after a large meal). Not surprisingly, he was frequently told he was too small, that he wasn't good enough to play baseball. Coming out of high school, no college offered him a baseball scholarship.

Not to be deterred, Eckstein attended the University of Florida, without a scholarship, and was a "walk-on" player for the school. The rest is history. He has played in two All-Star games, and won two World Series rings (the first was with Anaheim in 2002, his second season in the majors).

During the radio interview, an 11-year-old boy asked Eckstein if he had any advice for youngsters like himself. The MVP told him to remember three things:
  1. Have fun playing the game.
  2. Always give 100%.
  3. Believe in yourself, even if no one else does.
Know anything else this advice might apply to?


  • "Know anything else this advice might apply to?"

    Wait, wait, let me guess!

    Chess?... Life?

    By Blogger Tom Panelas, at 4:14 PM  

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