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Friday, February 02, 2007

Interesting Chess Fundraiser founding partner and school chess coach Gretchen Zaitzeff has found a way to both lose weight and raise funds for a local chess group. "I had lost a total of 12 inches on [her company's] Cinch the Inch Loss Plan since the beginning of the chess season, but I needed more motivation to stick to it all winter," she is quoted as saying in this press release.

I don't know how the "inches lost" are measured, but Zaitzeff has promised to donate $10 for each inch lost from the beginning of the chess season through March 1, to the Bloomington Normal Area Scholastic Chess Association, which is trying to raise funds to buy chess boards for the upcoming Illinois State K-8 Chess Tournament.

Ms. Zaitzeff may be on to something here. I could envision community-minded business owners having some sort of special sale, donating a portion of the proceeds (i.e. one dollar per item) to a local school chess club or tournament in return for the good publicity generated. Or, closer to the weight loss story above, maybe a local weight loss clinic or gym could hold a month-long contest in which it donates a dollar for every pound that its members lose during that month.

Any other ideas for creative fundraisers?



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