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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

IM Malcolm Pein Annotates Bronstein Games

Vassily Smyslov, David Bronstein, Paul Keres and Mikhail Botvinnik
(left to right)

Photo: ChessBase

IM Malcolm Pein writes of the late David Bronstein: "He leaves a legacy of hundreds of magical games and some of the finest chess literature. He can claim to have influenced all the leading players of his and subsequent generations. For a period of at least 6 years in the post war period he was, in my opinion, the strongest player in the world."

At The Week in Chess, you can find a series of articles by Pein which provide not only a history of Bronstein's chess career, but also a number of his beautiful games, annotated by Pein.

In addition, ChessBase has a nice article about Bronstein, which includes a link to a video presentation by Yasser Seirawan.



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