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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Boys Get On Your Nerves"

Betsy Dynako has a very nice photo essay at Chess Life Online regarding the 4th Annual All-Girls National Championship, sponsored by the Kasparov Chess Foundation.

The field was limited to 136 players due to the recent snowstorms in the northeast that prevented many girls from attending. However, Anna Matlin from New Jersey was there, and is quoted as saying, "Girl-only tournaments are fun because boys often get on your nerves. Girls are polite to each other."

Official results do not appear to be available yet at the USCF website, but Dynako provides the following information in her article:


8 & Under
1. Jessica Zhu, Ca
2. Rachel Eng, AZ
3. Margaret Hua, MO

8 & Under team
1. McKenzie School, IL
2. Blooming Grove Academy, IL
3. Riverwoods Montessori, IL

10 & Under
1. Ashley Xeu, VA
2. Caroline Zhu, TX
3. Crystal Liu, WA

10 & Under team
1. CGPS New York
2. Latin School, IL
3. Forest School, IL

12 & Under
1. Katherine Wu, VA
2. Anna Matlin, NJ
3. Linda Diaz, NY

12 & Under team
1. Algonquin School IL

14 & Under
1. Anjali Datta, TX
2. Sukhada Kulkarni, OH
3. Cheryl Liu, IL

14 & Under team
1. Cass Technical High School, Michigan

16 & Under
1. Karsten McVay, NY
2. Shiny Kaur, IL
3. Brianna Conley, OH

16 & Under team
1. Spence High School, NY
2. Latin School, IL
3. Cass Technical High School, MI

18 & Under
1. Krista Selby, IN
2. Madina Mathis, MI
3. Ashley Bish, MI

18 & Under team
1. Lane Technical High School, IL
2. Vanderbilt High School, IL



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