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Saturday, March 17, 2007

For Better or Worse, Chess Makes the Front Page

As noted by bloggers Lamarr Wilson and Tom Panelas, today's Chicago Tribune featured an article on the front page, written by Tribune reporter Stephanie Banchero.

The article, and the blogs noted above, discuss the serious problems at the recent Chicago Public Schools citywide chess championship that caused about half the players to walk out on the event. Panelas, of the Ray School Chess Club, tells me "I was at the tournament, and the article is very accurate."

This may not be the best reason for chess to hit the front page, but I get the impression that a number of chess coaches at Chicago's schools are confident that this will lead to some major changes, for the better. In the meantime, they are organizing their own citywide championship on April 21.



  • Steve: You're right; this is not the best reason for chess to make the front page (though it's remarkable, isn't it, how often it takes bad news for the media to pay attention to chess?).

    This story has been smoldering below the surface for years, and earnest efforts by coaches and parents to fix it discreetly have met with indifference and even scorn by officials. It had to come out into the open, and now that it has we may be able to make things better. Let's hope so. No guarantees, of course. Thanks for picking it up.

    By Blogger Tom Panelas, at 9:28 AM  

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