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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ChessDad64 of the 64 Square Jungle notes that Lamarr Wilson has created a new website for the Chicago scholastic chess scene, It includes a number of helpful links, including a very extensive article at Chessville which provides detailed suggestions about organizing and running a scholastic chess club.

The Chess4Chicago site also maintains a list of local chess clubs and information about upcoming events in the Chicago area. In addition, a nice photo gallery is available at the site. The "Getting Started" links are useful to any chess parent or coach looking for basic information, whether living in Chicago or not.

Congratulations to Lamarr Wilson on his fine work, and thanks to ChessDad64 for bringing it to our attention!

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  • Thank you for the plug. I follow your blog regularly, and the work that you do and publish is simply amazing. Keep up the good work, and thanks for showcasing the new site!

    By Blogger Lamarr Wilson, at 4:22 PM  

  • Lamarr's new site is a major event for scholastic chess in the Chicago area. He provided an outstanding service with a previous site, and we all have high hopes for Chess4Chicago.

    Every city should have a site like this, where kids, coaches, and parents can gather (virtually), interact, get news on tournaments and other events, and so on. It helps to build the chess community.

    By Blogger Tom Panelas, at 4:29 PM  

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