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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Super Sam Schmakel has named 10-year-old Sam Schmakel its May 2007 Chess Youth of the Month.

Webmaster Lamarr Wilson introduces his choice:

"I first met 10 year old Sam Schmakel 4 years ago on the Internet. If you're doing the math in your head (and calling the police at the same time), yes, Sam was 6 at the time, so why on earth was I interacting with a 6 year old on the Internet?

At the time, I was coordinating the qualifying matches for the 2003 CPS MVP Tournament on US Chess Live. I set up an online tournament, and 18 participants joined in. Into the chat room came Sam S. The games started, and at the end, this Sam S., a 'first grader', tied for 2nd place with a 9th grader from Jones Prep. I naturally questioned Sam as to his age, school, etc. He didn't respond, which caused me to be a bit suspicious. Is this really a first grader winning games on the Internet, or is someone doing it for him? I continue questioning, but no responses came back. I find out later what happened from Sam's mom, Eileen ..."



  • Thanks for the plug. This kid is amazing and with a 1748 rating at his age, he's going to be awesome when he hits his teens!

    By Blogger Lamarr Wilson, at 11:59 PM  

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