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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Two Interesting Puzzle Sites

At one of the forums at Chess4Chicago, links to two interesting puzzle sites are provided. This site currently contains 134 problems. Clicking on the "Analysis - Movability Pieces" link brings up a board that allows you to move pieces around to help you analyze the position before submitting your proposed solution. An interesting problem is #66, as recommended by "SashaD" at the Chess4Chicago forum mentioned above. When I submitted my answer which was correct for White to move and mate in two, I received a message indicating that I had NOT correctly solved the problem. My initial reaction was "THEY are wrong!" but then I looked again a bit more carefully...

The other site noted at the forum is the (probably) better known Chess Tactics Server. It may take a short while to get the hang of this site, but you can register for free as a guest, and nearly 24,000 problems are available, according to the website.

Kudos to the Ray Chess Blog for pointing out the Chess4Chicago forum.



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