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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Update on Junior Championships

We're now seven rounds into the nine-round 2007 U.S. Junior Invitational Championship, and Mackenzie Molner and Marc Tyler Arnold remain atop the standings, with 5 points apiece. The always-dangerous Ray Robson is close behind at 4.5 points. The championship concludes tomorrow.

In the 2007 U.S. Cadet (Under 16) Championship, eight of ten rounds have been completed. Evan Ju is in clear first place, with 6 points, followed by Warren Harper with 5 points and Robert Lau with 4.5. This tournament has the odd schedule of different time controls (either game/90 or game/120) on alternating days. The championship finishes tomorrow with a final round time control of game/120.

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