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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Knights of the South Bronx available on DVD

I had a pleasant surprise when visiting my local Sam's Club today. I happened to be passing by an aisle of DVDs when I noticed a familiar name - Knights of the South Bronx, the 2005 story of the New York inner city school coached by David MacEnulty that ultimately won national titles. My January 2006 ChessCafe Scholastic Chess column covered the film.

I was surprised to see the DVD for sale because I wasn't aware it was even available on DVD. As far as I knew, when A&E aired it a couple years back, that was the end of its availability.

If you haven't seen it, run out and get it. It's a great movie, starring Ted Danson, with MacEnulty making a cameo appearance. And for only $8.38, it's a steal.

The real coach, David MacEnulty

Here's a shot of MacEnulty's cameo appearance at the end of the film



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