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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Brooklyn Defense?

Michael Goeller maintains the excellent Kenilworthian blog and has written an interesting article about an absurd-looking opening, one which GM Joel Benjamin has dubbed "The Brooklyn Defense." Goeller writes that "Benjamin clearly did the most to convince people that this seemingly preposterous opening might actually be playable."

The Brooklyn Defense occurs with the moves 1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 2.Ng8. The diagram above shows the position after 3.d4. Goeller continues:

"As Benjamin and Eric Schiller note in Unorthodox Openings (1987), 'This opening is not nearly as dumb as it looks' and can even be 'psychologically devastating.' Most opponents will be insulted by such a cheeky retreat and will expect to obtain a big edge, which may lead them to over-reach. Yet Black's position remains fundamentally sound (he has introduced no weaknesses, after all!) and so any premature attack is bound to fail. In fact, it may be White who is most in danger since his center pawns have ventured forward and can be attacked or exchanged in typical hypermodern fashion."

If you enjoy offbeat openings, you'll enjoy this article. As Goeller notes, "No doubt you'll have to see the opening in action to believe it."



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