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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

National K-12 Final Results!

Congratulations to all of the winners at the 2006 National K-12/Collegiate championship! Here they are:

  • Collegiate section: Daniel Fernandez
  • 12th Grade: Eric Rodriguez
  • 11th Grade: Daniel Ludwig
  • 10th Grade: Matt Parry
  • 9th Grade: Shinsaku Uesugi
  • 8th Grade: Mark Heimann
  • 7th Grade: Andrew Ng
  • 6th Grade: Christopher Heung
  • 5th Grade: Sylvia Yang
  • 4th Grade: Kevin Cao
  • 3th Grade: Benjamin Moon
  • 2nd Grade: Tom Polgar-Shutzman
  • 1st Grade: Jonathan Chiang
  • Kindergarten: Raymond Sun

  • Blitz K-6: Lucas Van Beuzekom
  • Blitz K-12: Corey Acor

The prize for the biggest upset went to 9th grader Nikolas Baeza, rated 572, who in the second round defeated his opponent who was rated 1742, a whopping 1166-point difference!

For complete results, click here.



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