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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Michael Weinreb Here and There

Michael Weinreb

One of the best writers I've come across is Michael Weinreb. A sportswriter who readily admits he knew little about chess, he produced the intensively researched and wonderfully written book The Kings of New York (the new paperback version is titled Game of Kings). For his efforts, he won the 2007 Quill Award for the best sports book of the year. You can see his acceptance speech here.

Weinreb's website lists multiple reviews of the book; my review can be found in the ChessCafe archives, and my interview of Weinreb, Edward R. Murrow coach Eliot Weiss, rival coach Robby Adamson, and players IM Alex Lenderman and IM Sal Bercys, is available in my April 2007 Scholastic Chess ChessCafe column.

Weinreb is a frequent contributor to and recently wrote an article there titled "Bobby Fischer, Bill Belichik Share Something in Common." It makes interesting reading for either a chess fan or a sports fan, and especially so if you're both.

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