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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Review: How to Play Chess Endgames

For about the next week, my review of How to Play Chess Endgames is at the ChessCafe homepage. It's also permanently archived here.

Here's a brief excerpt of my review:

This book, billed as the companion volume to Fundamental Chess Endgames, seeks to impart this elusive and intangible ‘feel’ to its readers. Rather than providing an encyclopedic approach to every reasonable R+3P vs. R+2P formation, Müller and Pajeken have organized How to Play Chess Endgames by general thematic concepts. Small bits of instruction are provided a little at a time, supplemented with multiple real-life examples from top-flight competition. The idea is not to have the reader memorize massive amounts of material, but to begin to recognize typical positions in order to understand how to handle them in the heat of battle. In other words, to acquire a “feel” for common endgame themes.



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