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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Review: The Art of Bisguier: Selected Games 1961-2003

My latest review is online this week at ChessCafe, covering the delightful book The Art of Bisguier: Selected Games 1961-2003.

The review begins:

In The Art of Bisguier: Selected Games 1961-2003, there are one hundred of GM Arthur Bisguier’s annotated games from this period. But it is much more than a games collection; what really adds to the value of the book are the personal comments from the American grandmaster.

Prior to each game, Bisguier provides a little historical perspective to the tournament or his opponent. He then annotates not just with variations, but with insightful comments that explain why he played as he did, or why he accepted a draw in a position that seemed to still have some fight left to it.

Indeed, Bisguier's comments are enjoyable to review while playing over the games in this collection, and the many old photographs definitely add to the flavor of the book. Here are just a couple:

You can also find this review permanently archived here.



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