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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Scholastic Chess Column Online at ChessCafe

Gary and Ray Robson

Jonathan Hilton (center) with relatives

In our April Scholastic Chess column, we heard from Ray Robson's father from Iceland, where Ray earned his fourth(!) IM norm and indeed is now IM-elect Ray Robson. It seems that one of his previous norms was disallowed, so instead of complaining, Ray went out and just grabbed another norm. I've included one of his games from the tournament in this column.

Frequent Chess Life contributor Jonathan Hilton, all of 17 years old, provided a detailed interview describing his many chess and non-chess activities, and explains why he feels fortunate to have grown up far from the major chess centers.

My April column will remain at the ChessCafe homepage until next month. It is also permanently placed in the ChessCafe archives.



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